"This inaugural Community Impact Report details many of the University’s most notable efforts to give back to its communities, both locally and globally. It encompasses service and volunteer projects, research targeted to our local communities, direct support to organizations, and public programming." - President Andrew Hamilton

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Arts & Culture

NYU’s tradition of supporting and nurturing the creative arts extends to its outreach programs and free programming.

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Away & Abroad

NYU’s students, faculty, and staff are constantly engaging with communities in locales beyond New York City.

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Sustainability & the Environment

NYU supports a wide range of sustainability initiatives and community service projects.

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NYU's mission extends to its education outreach and programming.

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Technology & STEM

Through programs and outreach, NYU students, faculty, and staff are discovering new technologies, building analytical tools, and sharing their love of STEM topics with young people.

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Health & Wellness

NYU’s health outreach includes programs that provide speech pathology services, care for stroke patients, and mental health support.

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Other Signature Programs

Many of NYU’s most outstanding outreach projects do not fall into a particular category. These programs and initiatives demonstrate the University’s wide scope of service.

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The Community Impact Report is a project of the NYU Community Connections Committee.

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